Home Chef

Home Chef is the perfect solution for customers who want to eat better, more nutritious meals – without the hassle of planning and shopping. Ingredients are delivered weekly, along with step-by-step recipes and nutritional information. The price is just $9.95 per serving.

Ideal For
• People who are too busy to shop and prep ingredients
• Anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to frozen meals
• Those who want to learn to cook and enjoy new recipes

• Taste profile helps users get matched with the best meals for them
• Change a delivery date or skip a week anytime
• Easy instructions for all levels of cooking skills

• Meals need to be cooked at home
• Only 13 meals to choose from each week
• Relatively pricey

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What’s Unique About Home Chef?
Home Chef’s meal plan has clear and simple to follow recipes. Every recipe opens into a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect dish. It’s entirely foolproof. From how to slice the vegetables, to what seasonings to add and when this program is ideal for any cooking level.

Snacks and Smoothies
In addition to regular meals, Home Chef also offers diverse and delicious smoothies and fruit baskets as optional add-ons to your orders. For those who are dieting and want to curb their sweet tooth with a healthy option, these are competitively priced alternatives.

    How it Works

It takes only a few minutes to sign up for Home Chef. Enter your email address and location, and you will be redirected to begin building a unique taste profile. Set meal preferences by choosing a day to receive your meals and include dietary preferences as well as allergies and general likes and dislikes. Choose whether to cook 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals per week from Home Chef, and include how many people you’re cooking for.
You’ll need to provide shipping details, including a valid phone number, and choose a method of payment. This can be credit, debit or via PayPal. The standard process will charge you every Friday, but customers can skip a delivery or cancel at any time. Make sure to cancel by the Friday before your next delivery at midday CST, or you may still be charged. You can plan your menus and meals up to 5 weeks ahead using the calendar and menu features.

Variety of Food Offered
Home Chef offers a large variety of meal options for people with varying dietary restrictions. While there are only 13 options on each weekly menu, they cover a large variety of foods and cuisines. Some include:
• Vegetarian
• Nut-Free
• Poultry
• Soy-Free
Within these categories are hundreds of options for delicious meals, with step-by-step instructions on how to create them. If you’re sticking to a low-calorie diet or looking to keep to a particularly healthy meal plan, the low calorie and low carb menu options have tons of ideas, so you never have to sacrifice delicious meals to keep the lbs. at bay.

Serving Cost is $9.95 per serving
Shipping on orders over $45 is Free
Shipping on orders less than $45 is $10
While standard meals cost $9.95 per serving, premium meals are sold at a higher price. Premium meals are specials that may have higher quality meat or be a holiday special for a certain time of year. Premium meals can also feature additional courses such as dessert or multiple sides. Check out the menu to see what kinds of options are available.

Bottom Line
Home Chef is a simple to use meal delivery service with an emphasis on good nutritious food. It works for all taste palates and provides solutions for people with special dietary requirements and allergies. The food is transparently priced at $9.95 per serving, sent with eco-friendly packaging and simple step-by-step instructions. Home Chef is a creative alternative to meal-time, making food interesting and delicious.


Plated is one of the first and most successful meal delivery services. It delivers meals to customers through weekly packages that contain all the ingredients needed for a particular recipe. You choose your recipes, and a pre-packaged box with all the necessary ingredients will arrive at your doorstep ready to be prepped and cooked. Plated offers a flexible subscription service that can be changed and tweaked to fit your schedule, seasonal recipes that use the highest quality ingredients, and the company places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Customers can also expect reliable delivery as well as responsive customer service that can assist with anything from payment information to recipe choosing.
Ideal For
• Busy parents who don’t have time to grocery shop or menu plan
• Singles looking to get exact amounts for their meals to avoid wasted leftover ingredients
• Families searching for new and interesting meals that they wouldn’t make on their own
• Quality ingredients like organic produce and antibiotic-free proteins
• Flexible plans so you can change your delivery schedule when needed
• All recipes use fresh and seasonal produce
• A helpful customer support team
• Doesn’t deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, and a few cities in Texas
• A bit on the pricey side
• No recipes specifically for vegans

What’s Unique About Plated

Not only does Plated place emphasis on delivering easy-to-prepare and quality food to its customers, but it is one of the most flexible services around. You can change your delivery dates, menus, and serving suggestions whenever you want or need—so there’s no need to worry about commitments or that you will end up wasting money on food and ingredients you don’t end up using.
This goes for the subscription plans as well. If you see that you aren’t using the meals on a daily basis, you can change your subscription from daily to weekly, or whatever suits you, at no extra cost.
You also have flexibility with the recipes. Every week Plated sends you a selection of 20 new recipes, varying in taste, ingredients, and style. After reviewing new recipe options, you can mix and match your dishes as well as the serving sizes for each of them. If you want, you can even add dessert to some or all of your orders.
In addition to being versatile, Plated places a strong emphasis on the quality of its ingredients. All of the protein is raised hormone and antibiotic free, and the fish is sustainably caught. Whenever possible, Plated ships only organic produce that is both seasonal and fresh.
Plated allows you to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, with a menu tailored to your taste preferences. It offers everything from well-known recipes to incredibly creative and exotic dishes. You can also mix and match your recipes so that you never get bored and are constantly trying new things.
When creating your menu, you can browse through recipes to find the one that interests you. These recipes are unique and designed by Plated’s culinary team. Recipes range from Spaghetti Squash-Coconut Curry to Waldorf Chicken Salad and Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Bowls. Are you more of a meat lover? You’ll probably want to try the Herb Roasted Pork Chop or the Seared Steak. You can also choose from Encore Recipes, which are highly rated recipes that are fan favorites and released seasonally.

How it Works
Ordering from Plated is simple and starts with signing up for a plan. The best part about the plans is that they’re commitment-free. You can skip days and even weeks, switch your recipes, and cancel anytime. You pick your plan based on how many servings you need per night and then choose from a selection of 20 recipes with the option to add desserts.
Recipes vary in preparation difficulty and style of food, from Indian Curry Chicken to New York Clam Chowder. After selecting your recipes for the week, you can sit back and wait to receive your first box. Each Plated box arrives at your door with a recipe card and all the ingredients needed to make that specific dish. Because the ingredients are pre-portioned, nothing gets wasted. And there’s no need to worry if you’re stuck late at work, as each Plated box is insulated to protect what’s inside, and no signature is required upon delivery. You just bring the box inside, unpack it, take out the recipe card, and start preparing your meal.
It’s important to note that everything needed for a specific recipe is provided except for salt, pepper, olive or vegetable oil, and eggs. Other than these few ingredients, you’ll receive everything needed to make the dish and even nutritional facts about the recipe.

Meal Options
There are different meal options created to suit any customer’s taste preferences or dietary restrictions, including vegetarians, omnivores, and seafood lovers—so if you’re on the picky side or are trying out a new diet, it’s a great service for you to try. Note that no vegan-specific recipes are offered, something that might be a turnoff for some potential customers.
Each recipe comes with detailed information, including its origin, and nutritional facts including calorie, protein, fat, carb count, and allergens. You can also see the ingredients and equipment needed to know if you’ll be able to make it at home or not.

Plan Cost per week Cost per serving size
2 servings $23.90 $11.95
3 servings $29.85 $9.95
4 servings $39.80 $9.95

There are 3 plans to choose from with Plated. The plans vary based on the number of people you need to feed. The most basic plan serves 2 people per night, or 1 adult and 2 kids, and costs $11.95 per serving. The mid-level plan serves 3 people per night, or 2 adults and 2 kids, and costs $9.95 per serving, while the top plan serves 4 people per night, or 2 adults and 3 kids, and costs $9.95 per serving.

Each plan can be customized, and you can select how many nights a week you want the meals for, whether 2, 3, or 4. The more nights per week you select, the cheaper the cost for the total week becomes. A $7.95 shipping fee is charged when you choose the most basic plan for only 2 nights a week.

Bottom Line
Ordering meal boxes from Plated is all about choosing from varied, creative dishes that you’ve most likely not tried before. You also get the peace of mind from knowing that all of your produce is sustainably sourced, hormone and antibiotic free, organic, fresh and seasonal. These aspects mixed with the company’s reputation and readily available customer service department make Plated a great meal delivery option.

Try Plated today and get up to $72 off your first box.

Blue Apron

Pros: It turns out there’s a reason Blue Apron is basically the Netflix of meal kit delivery services. It has really smoothed out the pain points of a delivery service, creating an incredibly easy process to reduce time and stress. All that and an attractive price point. It’s less than $10 per person, which is one of the lowest costs among the brands I tested.
Ordering a Blue Apron box is really simple—you can open an account and set up your order in less than 15 minutes. And the company offers a wide of range of recipe options, with a couple vegetarian and healthy meal choices available each week.
Once in the kitchen, Blue Apron’s Persian-style chicken was a tasty crowd pleaser. The meal proved easy to make and Blue Apron’s recipe card provided very detailed instructions for first-time chefs. The cooking techniques were straightforward, but at least one of the meals offered a learning opportunity in the form of a multistep process to create “crunchy rice.”
The meals also contained very fresh, high-quality ingredients. For example, in MONEY’s test of the Creamy Lumaca Rigata pasta recipe, the spinach sent for the dish had only a few wilted leaves, despite having been in the refrigerator for almost a week.
Downsides: Unlike its competitors, the ingredients for Blue Apron meals come jumbled together and must be sorted before storing or using. Timing was also a factor, with the meals taking longer to prepare than any others I reviewed.
Box Details:
• Price for the two-person box with 3 meals a week: $9.99
• Shipping: No additional charge
• Weekly dinner recipe options: 6

Email me if you would like a coupon for $70 off your first box. dk2managementgrp@mail.com