Thursday, March 21, 2019
On July 2nd LEGOLAND California opened their most ambitious attractions to date. LEGO City: Deep Sea Adventure is a submarine ride through an aquarium filled with both LEGO models and living sea creatures. This experience draws on LEGOLAND’s Sea...
We doubled back to experience the museum from its entrance. A throne was exhibited near the doorway, the crest of its backrest punctuated by miniature skulls. A doll of a baby lay beneath a grate in a coffin-shaped opening...
Sweden-based travel photographer Lola Akinmade Åkerström reflects on the invisible barriers that stand between her (and every traveler’s) camera and the strangers that become the subjects of many of her most powerful photos. via This Is Why You Are Afraid of...
For Disney fans looking for independent reviews, news, and features on a wide range of topics — from rides to events — MiceChat, “the happiest place on cyberspace,” is your go-to community hub. via MiceChat — Discover
Even if you don’t live anywhere near the world’s largest city, Tokyo Review publishes timely, engaging articles that invite all readers to learn more about Japan’s economy, culture, and politics. via Tokyo Review — Discover
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